What is the problem?

Currently small to mid-size companies (and even large companies with multiples site locations) do not have on-site fuel dispensing for their fleets of vehicles

Often times it is not cost effective to install fuel dispensing equipment on-site due to upfront investment costs, maintenance, volume of fuel utilized, logistics, space, permitting, etc.

Many companies start relying on their own employees fueling their vehicles during business hours using fuel fleet cards with local gas station operators. This comes at a tremendous cost to the companies, the employees are not 100% of the shift available to perform the tasks that the company needs them to do, the vehicles are being driven more miles to get to and from the gas stations, companies have to dedicate more time to ensure that the fuel invoices are accurate and the employees are not using the fleet cards inappropriately.



What most small to mid-size companies are currently doing to fuel vehicles is not necessarily a solution,
it is a remedy based on their current set of circumstances. There should be a more efficient, less
expensive solution for these companies.

Our Solution

Pumped Fuel, Inc. provides a real solution to your current remedy. Utilizing specialized
equipment and technology, we offer the following:


On-site Fueling

On-site Fueling for your vehicles. Reduced mileage and wait times.

After hours fueling

After hours fueling when vehicles are idle. Employees will have 100% of their time available to perform the tasks they were hired for.


We have developed proprietary software that will allow clients to monitor service calls in real time, vehicle consumption, billing history, schedules.


Clients will be able to see quantifiable savings comprised of increased employee production and fleet availability, reduced vehicle mileage and competitive fuel costs.

Our Advantages

Fuel Consumption
Fleet Management Analytics

Client Web Portal

(Invoicing, Fleet Management, Service Schedule)

Secure Operation
Fuel Source Supply

Product Overview

On-site Gasoline Delivery

  • Service Fleet
  • Corporate Vehicles
  • Onsite Ancillary Equipment/Storage

On-site Diesel Delivery

  • Service Fleet
  • Construction Equipment
  • Generators

Basic Vehicle Inspections

  • Tire Pressure
  • Fluids (Windshield Washer)
  • Tire Tread
  • Plates/License
  • Mileage
  • Hours
Product Overview

Onboarding Process



  • Quick response

  • Customization

  • Service with quality

  • Secure

  • Synergic framework

  • Technology


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