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What makes Salvage Wire so different?

When it comes to growing, developing and leading an Automotive Recycling business many are so close to their products and services that they do not know where to start. Salvage Wire’s specialist team help companies understand how they can connect with their customers, improve their sales, profit margin, develop their staff, and become leaders in the auto recycling industry.

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Helping automotive recyclers across the world to become leaders in the industry
Working with global vehicle salvage professionals and associations and motor claims specialists to help them develop their businesses or association, to research new markets, write standards documents, provide technical support, engineering assistance and advice, and to assist government agencies, departments, and insurance companies and vehicle research organisations on all aspects of vehicle salvage.


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Technical training for auto recycling professionals
Developing and delivering technical training for vehicle salvage professionals - Salvage Wire already have WAMITAB accredited training on the Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, will be developing training for the dismantling of LPG equipped vehicles; the safe re-use and calibration of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) equipment from salvage vehicles; safe repair of modern vehicle structures, and new technology as it comes into the marketplace that will be available in

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Management and Leadership development for auto recycling professionals

Working in conjunction with partner companies Salvage Wire will deliver management and leadership training and development across the globe to vehicle recyclers and salvage professionals, associations, conferences and trade bodies.

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Develop Your Buisness

Free downloads to help you improve your business, your staff or yourself, get these free resources by clicking on the download button now!

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Five habits of good auto recyclers

Habits are regular actions that successful business people do to measure their progress against targets

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Managing change in your business

Advice and assistance on managing change well in your business


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Complexity means opportunities

Understanding some of the new vehicle technology and the opportunities these can bring to automotive recyclers

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